ETERNAL SPRING TOURS, is committed to the fair, lawful, legitimate and secure processing of personal data contained in their information systems. As Responsible for such processing, communicates that the personal data of customers, contractors, suppliers and third parties, is carried out in accordance with the Information Processing Policy, whose content is available on the website , therefore, the information provided is treated with the purposes and scope set out in the policy, which indicates your rights as owner of the information to know, update or rectify your data and other rights under current regulations, which can be exercised through email:


ETERNAL SPRING TOURS, is committed to the sustainable development of tourism in environmental, sociocultural and economic aspects, integrating customers and suppliers to provide the added value of quality in the provision of its services, thanks to the highly qualified partners which we count on, being responsible with their safety and health in the workplace and fulfilling the requirements of the current regulations, we are compromised with:

Disclose the concepts of sustainability with which the company works to customers, suppliers and collaborators.

Disseminate the importance of the conservation and proper use of the natural and cultural wealth of the country.

Protect the fauna and flora.

Prevent exploitation, violence and sexual commercialization of minors.


ETERNAL SPRING TOURS, undertakes to socialize to all tourists, the following information:


Indicate the maximum passenger capacity allowed in the vehicle

Apply to fasten seat belts once you enter the vehicle

Recommend not to get up while the vehicle is moving

Indicate what to do in case of emergency

In case of an accident, there are health policies for emergency care.


The killing of protected wild animals and the illicit exploitation of plants and forests are crimes that have a devastating impact on the environment, on local livelihoods and on biodiversity. Do not buy or consume anything made from an exotic tree, plant or animal, because it may be contributing to its extinction or exploitation. In our country sanctions are imposed on those found to be trafficking with protected wild animals, exotic plants or wood products of threatened species.


Trafficking is a heinous crime driven by demand. If you believe that someone is being forced to work against your will or is being mistreated, or if you simply observe something that is not right in a bar, hotel or restaurant, inform the police, your actions may be essential to avoid Sexual exploitation and forced labor. Child sexual exploitation is a punishable offense, both in the place where it is carried out and in the country of residence of the person who commits it.

ETERNAL SPRING TOURS, warns that the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are criminally and administratively sanctioned.


Cultural objects, such as traditional carvings, pottery and antiques, are attractive as a gift, but be sure not to buy stolen goods, extracted in illicit ways or obtained from looting. Every day, innumerable sites and monuments on the planet are victims of looting that strip people of their past. Specific organized crime networks transport and sell these goods. The impact of these acts may be irreversible and rob countries and citizens of their heritage and their cultural identity.


Make sure the souvenirs you bring home have a documented and legal history, other than stolen items and have export permits. Ask about the origin of what you are buying and always think of the wealth of history and heritage of your own country and how you would feel if you were taken away.

Your trip can contribute to economic and social development. Buy handicrafts and local produce to support the local economy, and abide by the principles of fair trade.


Drug trafficking is a risk that is not worth running, is illegal and punishable by jail, it is recommended not to carry packages or articles that are not your own, since ignorance will not exempt you from complying with the law.


They may seem like a bargain, but most counterfeit goods are not manufactured in an ethical way, they can contribute to perpetuating forced labor and unfortunate working conditions in addition to having a high environmental impact.
You may think you are helping a small market or a street vendor, but there are often criminal interests behind them, which even coerce or exploit sellers. What’s worse, your money may end up funding organized crime groups that diversify their money laundering and drug trafficking businesses by selling counterfeit goods.